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#10831 Posted at 2007-09-21 08:31        

Nice video just a few comments,

like what fox told you earlyer fade in and out its to fast but i think you can solf this.

Also if you want to let people see some cars or trucks or what so ever close-ups driveing in your camera just limit the speed its look better to see what kind of car it is ;) (in your movie its way to fast)

The sound example: when you want to let people to hear your hear gunfire, lower the music a bit poeple hear the gunfire and then you increase the music back but do it in an smooth way as same of the movie moments. dont recording the sound to hard in your movie people can put there speakers harder and softer

Just try to update your movie and lets us see what you did.
if you need some help more give me a call

Gr Tango6 (elnino moviemaker)