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Yesterday made a mission on Zargabad where 4 squads of British units went up against about 20 enemy militia squads. The 4 British had the highest skill setting while the 20 Militia had the lowest. It was kind of a test to see how well the AI survived but found it extremely playable and fun. While on my third attempt (I edited a little each time), I still had all 9 of my squad (8 Man + 1 Medic) and I'd entered one of the little compounds in northern Zargabad. I had the mosque kind of in front of me and to the left and was facing roughly south looking down the street. I saw ahead of me, two squads of British units (Guard waypoints really do add a lot of fun) heading towards the Mosque which surprised me. I decided that I would take my own squad East and then South so we would have completely surrounded and captured the mosque from the Militia. I took my squad through a couple of compounds until I reached the corner where I could turn south again, but on the East side of the Mosque rather than the West.

I stuck my head out of one of those open doorways in the wall and saw a line of militia one-by-one heading into the road towards the Mosque (presumably to engage the other British squads). I killed one after another as they headed into the road, and was thinking this was easy!

Meanwhile going back to the very start of the mission making. I had begun adding in the Militia before the British units. So when I went to place them down, I accidently put myself as an OPFOR armoured vehicle. I continued placing the Militia and finally put down the 4 British Squads. I made myself player of one of the Squad Leaders and was ready to play.

So now I shat myself when after killing about 8 of the Militia heading like lamb to the slaughter in the middle of the road, I saw a BTR heading down the road towards me and stop. "Thinking WTF?!" I instantly remembered my mistake from earlier and shouted "F**K, F**K, F**K!" to the surprise of the people in the room with me. I desperately tried to get back behind the cover of the compound walls but it was too late. I got shot to pieces along with my squad who then tried to walk out of that doorway after my Team Leader took command.

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