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#112177 Posted at 2011-09-26 18:38        
I have to tell you guys about this one that occured the other night. I was messing around with a SOM Mission in Darbang Pass area, using Ozzyt109 Airfield Support and Reezo's IED MOD with Random IEDs and Random Suicide Bombers.

Well my team gets a SOM call to extract POW's up in the mountains. We set off in our truck and get about 1 Clik away from where the camp is suppose to be. I unload the team and we sneak up over a rise and get prone. I spotted the POW camp and I called in CAS to support our attack, Just as I stand up to initate the attack I look behind me to see a Civilain with a turban on, next thing I know he's moving his arms and the last thing I heard was Ali!.....Bang! =-O
Darn Suicide Bomer snuck up on us in the middle of the mountains :-D

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