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#112314 Posted at 2011-09-28 21:32        
# Infantryman : I would say something but I will be stabbed in the neck by Foxhound.

Oh boy, you lack a lot of respect for our rules. Let me enforce those upon you a bit more. Starting with a 1 week holiday and 1 official warning.
When you have a problem with our (or in this case my) moderation such comments are only allowed in one specific topic (see forum rules) or contact me over PM.
While you browse the net except Armaholic the coming week read up on how to behave in other peoples houses and see if what you learned during the week can be translated to how to act on someone elses website.

You use way to many IP's for me to bother with. I have better things to do than to babysit. So, I just mute you. This gives you reading time but you cant not respond. Should translate into a holiday feeling as well I think.

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