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#112508 Posted at 2011-10-03 06:06        
Upgrading your current CPU would more than likely mean replacing your existing motherboard as well because there are not alot of upgrade options available for LGA 1156 boards.

Your memory amount should be just fine for ArmA* -assuming that you are running a 64-bit OS- however the speed of the RAM (which you did not post) currently installed would be of more help in determining possible alteratives.

Both cards of the 5700 series (HD 5750, HD 5770) are listed having 128 bus widths and for the type of settings, resolution & frame rates you are shooting for you should be looking for a replacement GPU with at least twice that.
If at all possible you may want to hold off on any (CPU/MB) purchases until the beginning of the new year and/or the rollout of the new LGA 2011 (R) and LGA 1155 (Sandy Bridge E) equipment, because the prices of currently available products are sure to fall.