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Hunting Night


An insane man, equipped with an M4A1, killed almost everyone in Msta.
Only one lucky (or unlucky...) man had been able to survive, but with that, his darkest hours only begin.

Behind that cheesy introduction is a simple "mission/gamemode":
It's night, almost pitch black and foggy as hell.
There is the killer, equipped with an M4A1 and the "Chased One".
The goal for the killer is to kill the Chased One within 30 minutes,
the Chased One's goal is to hide and survive for 30 minutes.

  • Scary atmosphere
  • New music (No big use of it tho.)
  • Pretty unique gameplay, i suppose.

  • Installation:
    Put the "Creep.Chernarus.pbo" into the "mpmissions" folder in your ArmaII root directory.
    If there's no folder named like that, create one.

    Included files:
    The mission PBO and a readme, packed as a .rar archive.

    The music may be really, and I mean, really loud so you have to turn it down.
    May be fixed in the next version.

    Credits & Thanks:
    Bohemia Interactive for ArmaII
    ZipZipper for the Slenderman song instrumental (
    Rockhount and Yac for the fog script

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