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#1137 Posted at 2006-12-03 20:38        
About Me :dozingoff

Im Tango6 El nino member my specality is sniper like most peeps know :p

I live in te center of Holland too also im Foxhound big brother
Fox and me played this game (ghost recon) from the beginning and became a El nino the same time 2003.
In the next few years after GR i played Joint Operations were i became a 2IC Tactical officer.
For now i play just JO as a TSG-member/Sniper. people who play this also hate my ass because me and my snipergun find everyone :D
At this moment im following Arma closely because this game will give me back the feeling Coop-player again and looking forward to play with my oldfriend coop again :wink

doing here hmmmmm spamming and camping :p

Basic info going next year living together with my girlfriend

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