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#114829 Posted at 2011-11-22 18:28        
Well, I'm calling the campaign Red Dawn. It starts out in the "Mountains of Colorado" (A.K.A. Chernarus) Where two hunters have to fight their way to a small town with US troops.
Then i Thought that the second mission could be based on this map where you have to defend an evacuation site from attackers while civilians constantly are coming.
the next mission based in the city will be where delta force guys help some resistance guys sabotage enemy camps and armor.
the last mission in the city will be a series of missions where you take different roles (armor, infantry, helicopter maybe) and rout the Russians from the city.

I thought it would be cool rolling across the bridge in an M1A1 with infantry all around you and rubble and destroyed cars on the bridge

Added 10 hours 11 minutes later:

hey I'm going to open a forum post for the campaign. :-D

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