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Current version: 1.1 with 4 coop missions included

The Moschnyi coop pack contains a number of missions that require Combined Operations (Arma II and Operation Arrowhead), the BAF downloadable content and Jakerod's Moschnyi Island (GSEP).

The pack has the following coop missions:

BAF - AT First (co08)

British troops are landed on Moschnyi to prevent the Chedaki from overrunning the entire island.

BAF - Break Line (co08)

British troops are to destroy emplaced heavy weapons and a forward command post to enable the advance of allied forces.

Port Raid

A British patrol has to seize two key locations in Novakvice and destroy a command post before the arrival of friendly forces.

Multiple Factor

A light infantry multiple is to seize two essential pieces of terrain while destroying various types of enemy equipment in the process.

For the full Readme.txt contents:

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