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The following tutorial was written by Kindling and has been copied with the authors permission from the BI forums.

New version built! Now on WINE 1.3.36.

Hi guys, I've managed to get most of the current Bohemia Interactive games working well with WINE. You have 2 options:

(Full-sized image is >2MB!)

Easy route: Precompiled binaries and autoinstall script

This is made for Steam, but I'll happily adapt it to any other installation method if there's any demand.

Make sure you have all the WINE dependencies for your distro! The easiest way to do this is just to install WINE through your package manager, eg.
sudo apt-get install wine
on Ubuntu and Debian.

First, find a folder for your games - the partition will need a lot of space, so make sure that you've got enough room. Let's use our home directory (~), for this example. Grab the script and make it executable:

Download here!

mv ~/Downloads/ ~/
chmod +x ~/
cd ~


cd ~
chmod +x

And run it!

It will automatically download WINE and install Steam for you, and create the script to start Steam in the future. When Steam appears, login the usual way and install your games, and when it's done you should be able to just play them as usual. Once you've closed Steam, reopen it by returning to the directory that you ran the script and typing:

Note: Close your terminal emulator after using the install script (make sure to finish/close Steam first), it's pretty dirty and leaves a few variables hanging about. I'll clean it up if that becomes a problem for anybody.

Binary packages for Linux Distributions
More difficult, traditional route - manual build and install:

If you're comfortable with managing multiple WINE versions and compiling your own software, here's the information you need:
  • WINE version 1.3.36 from Git
  • Patch raw3.patch from WINE bug 20395
  • StrictDrawOrdering enabled in registry
  • xact and dsound from winetricks
git clone git:// ~/wine-git
cd ~/wine-git
git checkout wine-1.3.36
wget -O ../raw3.patch
git apply ../raw3.patch
mkdir ../wine-build
cd ../wine-build
make -j3
make prefix="~/altwine" install

If you don't understand all these steps, this is probably not the best method for you - stick with the automatic script.

Success Stories

GeForce GTX 550 Ti, ArchLinux Testing (amd64), Nvidia 290.10
  • Wine 1.3.34 + Wine 1.3.36
GeForce GTX 560 Ti, Slackware x86 w/PAE, Nvidia 285.05.09
  • Wine 1.3.32-1.3.36

There are a few issues with ARMA II and WINE at the moment, these are pretty much universal across BiStudio's current generation games:
  • LoD issues - objects flicker and disappear, and textures decrease and increase in quality apparently at random. It's not enough to detract from gameplay all that much, but it might throw you off a little.
  • Sound issues - Sound seems fine, use winetricks to install dsound and/or xact if there are any issues.
  • The player profile options screen flickers, but it's still usable.
  • Sometimes the mission map entities will flicker and sometimes you lose the ability to click briefly in menus - just use the keyboard (RETURN and TAB) to navigate, and it will be fixed in the next screen. It's not bugged out on me ingame yet.
  • On ARMAII and OA, antialiasing must be set to at least 'Low' or no textures will appear and everything will go grey.
  • Without StrictDrawOrdering enabled, muzzle flashes leave an afterburn effect and the area around your weapon is generally messed up. The script automatically enables this to get around the bug.
  • If you have other problems, try adding a 'VideoMemorySize' string set to your memory in MB (eg. 2048) in HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Wine/Direct3D (create the key if it does not exist) in the WINE registry. You can get into WINE regedit by typing (assuming you installed from your home directory as suggested):
  • ~/ regedit
  • If you have any other problems, just leave me a message here - I'll get back to you. I tested this on the following system: Phenom 9600 (Quad core), 4GB RAM, GeForce 550 Ti 2GB, NVIDIA 290.10-1, ArchLinux amd64.
  • You may need to use WINE version 1.3.32 to install and patch ARMA II retail (without Steam). (Thanks Operated!)
Crash Logs
None! If you have any, give me a link to them and I'll put them here.

I'm also interested in seeing if somebody can attempt to get this working similarly with Mac OSX (WINE + MacPorts? Not really sure how it'd be done). I don't have OSX myself, but it should build the git version with the patch if all the dependencies are right.

Source: BI forums

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