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#117593 Posted at 2012-01-25 23:36        
Well, FXAA stands for Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing. It´s another post processing AA technique, which blurs the outline of the object to an extend that makes it look "more straight" ;-) Here can you find some pics and more info about the technique itself. In Arma 2 the FXAA is a good option to consider if normal AA (the one you can enable/disable in the in-game options menu) takes too much power of your computer. It will not look as sharp as standard AA, but it is much less "power hungry". Soooo, yes, if you currently have any sort of AA enabled, I think you should see a performance boost by switching to FXAA. I re-link the arma2.cfg page for more information (bottom of the page).

EDIT: If you turn FXAA on, swith the AA option to disabled! No need for running both at the same time... *SCRATCH*