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#117676 Posted at 2012-01-27 21:06        
Hi all,

The Arma series is very impressive and realistic but the bugs really do take away from the fun. Some of these bugs aren't even very technical... just lack of common sense. For example, I was playing the mission Blood, Sweat and Tears, and had was about to finish liberating Masbete. I saw one or two enemies remaining and then all of a sudden a really long cut-scene that is in real game time happens. So most of the friendly soldiers are standing around and I'm unable to finish off the enemies I saw. Those two enemies continued firing during the cut-scene and i could only watch as my troops were gunned down. The worst part is that I was also killed. Pretty damn stupid. I am playing on difficult settings and I don't enjoy it when challenges arise from bugs. Bohemia should really play test their software for these stupid situations.