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#118090 Posted at 2012-02-06 02:42        
Sorry for my English and if I wrote in the wrong place. I'm new here.
I have ACE 2 Arma 2, and I have a problem with the map of Fallujah 1_2, with the building of Hotel
I do not see the hotel. Other players see it. I see an empty space there. Others see as I walk through walls. And I see others as they walk in the air. When loading the map Fallujah 1_2 get the message "Can not open object ca \ buildings \ hotel.p3d"

I copied the map Fallujah 1_2 again - did not help
I removed the old files I have uploaded again - did not help
A friend sent me the file "ca.pbo" pasted it into my game - it did not help
I have uninstalled and installed the game again. -did not help.
I thought my game disc is corrupted so I downloaded from the Internet, installed again and still the same problem.
I have no more ideas what I can do.
Please help. Thanks in advance.


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