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#119094 Posted at 2012-02-27 11:30        
Heli Insertion And Extraction Plus

By: Matthew Sibbley & FullMetal (harold5187)
Game: Armed Assault / Queen's Gambit

NOTE: As of Mar 25, 2012, I was working on my Combat101 Addons version and came
across several minor bugs that I need to resolve in this version. Such as an error when
you spawn an East UAZMG, one of the publicvariable's is a reference to a previous name.

I'll be updating it as soon as I get around to it, and I've corrected every issue I've
found in my current addon version, plus added several new features in the process, as
well as implemented a few new techniques I've learned. Probably small things to you all,
but anything I learn and remember, is a great victory to me.

Please refer to the documentation included with the archive, for all your possible questions, and should any.
questions remain, feel free to sent me a private message, or post a comment in the topic board, located
in the scripts section of the forums.

Addon Requirements
Queen's Gambit

Installation And Usage

(1) EditorUpdate102.pbo and .bisign go into the root addons directory of Arma.
(2) Sakakah,pbo can go either in the root addon directory of Arma, or a mod folder.
(3) Combat101Addons.Sakakah.pbo, and the Combat101MinimalAddons.Sakakah.pbo go in Mpmissions.
(4) The two Combat101 folders go into your editor missions folder. (Optional)

Known Issues
(1) Restore
If your version has the Restore option, please do not use it, as it needs fixing! It was a poor attempt to restore
command to those units who stoped obeying, or those units that would say, All Follow All.

(2) Artillery
Before using arty, you must first Set Arty Marker! Click the option then click about 300-400 meters on the
map, away from the arty unit, in the general direction you want the arty missions to fire. You don't want to set it
much farther, or the dowatch command will not work, causing a not so pretty site to see, should you accidentally hit
the Fire Mission, button to force the AI to fire.

I did not include support for Y axis control of arty, due to a dowatch problem I've encountered, where a unit stops
watching an object if that object is too far away.

Also Recall Range To Target will only hint reliable data if you have first selected Set Range To Target, followed by clicking on the map, which uses onmapsingleclick, to place the entity WestTmp, or EastTmp, respectively, at the location formerly clicked. Recall Range To Target simply hints the distance between WestTmp, or EastTmp, and the entity at Base, named, WRTTBase, or ERTTBase, respectively.

It is more than possible that if a player dies while in the arty, with Bullet Cam set to on, that the next arty unit that
you spawn will already have Bullet Cam on as well, because it was never shut off properly using the Bullet Cam Off
option. To fix this simple irritating problem, just turn the Bullet Cam on, then turn it back off, and it will exit the
script, and clear all eventhandlers associated with it. Same goes for an AI controlled arty unit that has been destroyed
while Bullet Cam is on.

(3) Menu's
If you open up the map, and accidentally click on Radio Alpha, or Radio Echo more than once, or possibly have clicked
on Radio Alpha, when you should have clicked on Radio Echo, or vise versa, your menu system will not work.

If your menu items show up, but nothing happens when you click on them, you will have to respawn and click the
appropriate button once. The only time you should click on Radio Alpha, or Radio Echo, is either when you start the
game, or when you die, and respawn. Again, this only happens if the above incident occurs, otherwise that, it has
worked flawlessly for us.

(4) Helicopter And Insertion
If your Evac and/or Evac2 chopper is at base landed on each their respectively assigned helipad's, and you select the
option EvacRTB, or any of the scripted RT's, please do not deviate the chopper, nothing bad will happen; You
will not be arrested or anything, but the script will continue to run until the condition is met, meaning until said
chopper has landing at Landing Zone, or Landing Zone 2, at which point a Hint "Landed" message will
appear letting you know that the script has been satisfied at which time it will exit. If this happens accidentally, and
it does, no problem. If you are in Evac, then Set Landing Zone, then click at your current location, and click
EvacRTLZ, wait for the hint to show up, and then click Set Landing Zone once more, clicking on the map, to
set your destination.

If your helicopter has landed, and you select the pilot clicking on the map, giving him a location to fly, but he does not
take off, no problem, it's not a bug, just access his action menu, and Set Flyinheight 105. You may have to tell
him where to fly again, after that.

In your helicopter menu, only select Call Evac, and/or Call Evac2, if they do not exist, or if one, or the
other has been destroyed. If they both exist, and you select the option, it is not known what will happen, only that I
did not add enough helipad's to support more than two, and the RT scripts may not function with the additionally
created Evac. In short, only two are allowed per side.

(1) Heli Insertion And Extraction of player and AI's.
(2) Ability to control flyinheight allowing hotel rooftop dropoff's and pickup's. No waypoints or triggers.
(3) Advanced addaction Menu System (Radio Alpha) for west, and (Radio Echo) for east.
(4) Addaction control of X+/X-, Z+/Z- axis for arty being used by AI.
[5] Bullet Cam feature for all artillery units created in game, with on/off toggle.

Future Plans
(1) Get married... Kidding! I am planning to exend Bullet Cam to the Human Player's as well.
(2) I am planning to add/update firing option for artillery to allow for Single Shot, or Salvo.

Mar 3, 2012 Current Version
(1) Released Minimal Addon version.
(2) Added 2 documentation files. For Scripters.rtf, and How Do I.rtf.

Mar 2, 2012 Soon To Be Released
(1) Added WArty and EArty markers. This is to let players know where to create their artillery pieces, until I add a workaround.
(2) Various tweaks made, that are not present in previous releases. Also contains Mar1, 2012 updates.

Mar 1, 2012
(1) Added ability to control x axis in regards to the artillery.

Feb 29, 2012
(1) West Set Charge feature corrected.
(2) Added missing code to correct West infantry teleport feature in WXS02InfXX.sqf.
(3) Added ability to control +/- elevation of artillery. (+/- .2, 5 and 10).
(4) Fixed bug where AI looses interest in a dowatch target if range is too far.
(5) Added Bullet Cam with On/Off feature for player operated artillery.
(6) Possible bug where player dies with bullet cam enabled. A workaround is to
spawn another artillery unit, then turn bullet cam on, then back off.
(7) Recall Range To Target only displays range from mapclick to helipad at base (WRTTBase) for the west
and (ERTTBase) for the east side.

I did not create the Bullet Cam script, all I did was to give it on/off functionality, to suite my purposes. But God
bless the person who did, because what's a war game with out bullet cam.

If anyone see's area's for improvements in my scripts feel free to go for it, and let me know
what improvements you've made.

Game On
Matthew Sibley & FullMetal (Harold5187)

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As many of us do, I as well, come from a Flashpoint, Resistance and Arma background. I was a member of the original DSF clan for about two months, back when Hatcher was in charge, along with Deaddog, Joker, Thatcher, two german dudes, and my callsign was, and still is FullMetal.