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here is update list (Other's Text Don't Need Re-edit Cuz Nothing Change):

Hardcore Version's Description:
A British Special Air Service Sniper Team Been Sent To Chernarus.They Mission Is Simple But Difficult:To Locate and Eliminate Diminikov.We Only Know His In Chernarus.Good News Is Few Days Ago Satellite Found Him
And Bad News Is,Looks Like He Have At least 1 Substitute.Mission Start At 0530 Feb 14,Our Source Will Give You More Information.And Russian Have Few Air Pratol So Do Not Drive Any Vehicle.Good Luck.

Hardcore version's Features :
  • Start From Ground (Guglovo) ,Not HALO This Time
  • Add BTR-90,BTR-70,SpecOps Pratol And They Will Try There Best To Track You Down
  • If You Think That's Too Far,Just Go Ask Black Suit For Transport :P
  • Suggest Play With ASR_AI Mod Or Group Link 4 Mod
  • Watch Your Step Very Carefull If You Don't Want "Be Surprised"
  • Preview Pricture Link (It's flickr Link,Sorry But I Don't Know How To Put Picture In Armaholic```):

  • Hardcore Version's Requirement:
    Advanced Combat Environment 2 - Core
    Advanced Combat Environment 2 - eXtras
    Community Base addons
    Design mastery M4 variants
    ACRE - Advanced Combat Radio Environment (Optional)

    (Just Hardcore Version,Others Heavn't Change)
  • Start From Ground ,Not HALO,No Weapon Create (Check Pickup II In Front Of You :P)
  • More And More Pratol(BTR-90,T-90A,SpecOps Team,Snipers,Ka-50,Ka-52,Mi-24 And So```)And They Will Try To Track You Down,Not Just Pratol A Area.
  • Random Location Change To All Map,Not Just Coastal Area
  • Change MP Maximum Players To 2(Change Six Player Coop To Two Player Coop)
  • Inclement weather

  • Credits & thanks:
    ACE Team;
    ACRE Team,Team Shadow Team(Thanks For Team Shadow Campaign !);
    -Martin- (Thanks For Taviana Island !)
    Engima of Östgöta Ops (Thanks For Dynamic Weather Effects Script !)
    Hogthar and Mlacix (Thanks For Design mastery M4 variants !)
    2fast(Thanks For Support script XD);
    fan (Thanks For the Call-In-Support Script Although It's Base On Simplified Chinese·····);
    Gonza (Thanks For The Aircraft carrier Script !)
    God of Monkeys,Andy, And WARDOG Clan --- From ROC(Thanks For Server And Help Me To Test And Fix This Mission);
    BIS(Thanks For This Game !);
    Big,Foxhound And ArmaHolic(Thanks For Help Me A Lot To Edit This Mission And Post To Armaholic's News !)
    Everyone Who Download This Mission (Thanks For Playing !)

    Download Link (All Version In One Pack):
    It Should Be No Bug ,But I'm Still Testing```No Bug Found After Few Hour Work```Hope No Bug Will Be Found Anyway```

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