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Domination Invasion 44


Two versions (German and west sides) of the Domination (by Xeno) using the Invasion 44 2.6 mod.

  • Many changes and improvements.
  • Read notes next briefing.
  • scripts "Grenade in tanks" works better.
  • 50 m of dispersion for HE light arty.
  • Many scripts reworked and optimized.
  • Sounds changed.
  • New features.
  • Total cleanup of objects on main missions.
  • Objects and compositions are generally well placed on main missions.
  • German uncouncious sounds
  • Side missions works
  • 45 slots (added 5 more for pilots)
  • 2 slots can built mortar
  • Allow only pilots to fly with MP parameter
  • Enable I44 colors with MP parameter
  • NVG, halo and satellite view disabled
  • I44 jump added
  • Night control added
  • "With IA" version works
  • Time of respawn groups increased a bit
  • Added balloons barrage on main mission for west version
  • Added Forward Observers scripts from Invasion44, there will be IA observers now on main to command mortars. Can be disabled in parameters.
  • Added new backpacks
  • Added flametrower gun and magazines in ammobox
  • 3 engineers have flamethrower gun
  • Some changes in compositions
  • Added new vehicles and men

  • Installation:
    Place the pbo file in your ArmA2 Operation Arrowehad\MPMissions folder.


    Video by Gaia

    New MP parameters:
    1/ With Base Defense (if YES: structures, trenches and vehicles will be created. If NO: all structures, trenches and vehicles will be not created)
    2/ No Ai at base defense (if YES: AIs will spawn in structures and vehicles. If NO: structures and vehicles will be empty)
    3/ Foggy clouds ( if yes foggy clouds on ground will appear randomly on map)
    4/ With para plane (if yes, you will jump normally by plane else only parachute is created)
    5/ With TPWAI SUPPRESSION & TPWLOS (if YES execute scripts TPWAI suppression and TPWAI Los)

  • Updated Grenade in tanks script
  • Added JIP for dropped ammoboxes
  • Added sound when player is hit
  • Added Player manager (press U to bring it up) Thanks to Aerosol

  • v2.9
  • Some fixes here and there.

  • v2.8
  • Changed Nightvision command replaced by N key on keyboard instead of mousewheel action.
  • Optimized Position of objects on main target (compositions, camps, radio tower, statics).
  • Optimized Firebases and flakbase will only be created on meadows (not in forests or on roads)
  • Optimized Orientation of statics
  • Fixed Tanks repaired after being grenaded in stop smoking and can't explode anymore
  • Fixed No more addaction for AI recruit
  • Fixed No sidechat messages for some slots
  • Added random fog script from evo
  • Added voices and texts for call frop
  • Added explosion effects on barrels in firebases
  • Added The dropped ammobox is visible under parachute
  • Less compositions than previously

  • v2.7
  • Wreck markers removed
  • Added Nato vehicle markers even for bonus vehicles
  • Calldrop works better
  • Added a bit of velocity on paradrop plane
  • Changed Intro music
  • Changed Local basic ammunition box on ied side mission by I44 cargo box

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