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#1194 Posted at 2006-12-05 21:44        
i'm tick, self-proclaimed official dumbass of WTF. :D

about me, myself and i:
i live in graz, austria, working as a CAD-technician in an engineering office.
i'm married, got 2 kids (girl almost 4 years, boy 2 1/2 years).

as mentioned above i'm property of WTF - got shanghaied 2 years ago. :D
i play(ed) ghost recon, bf2, gr:aw and now i also started with arma.
from time to time i love to play other games like LFS, GTA SA, splinter cell, gothic series, oblivion, thief 3, dark messiah of MM, etc. which means i never got enough time to play everything i'd love to.

what am i doing here? well, i really don't know. all i normally do at or here is to yap. :listenup
so don't expect too much from my side. :p

other basic info? about what? raa, you brainless bugbear, don't bother us with blah-questions!
but just to let u all know: i'll get a new keyboard for christmas from mrs. tick. she's as good as gold. :love

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