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#119625 Posted at 2012-03-12 08:23        
You can download now the reedited version of @RUG_DSAI addon by Wolfrug and Sickboy, with german voices by Palyarmerc. What's new? A server key ! Very usefull for the I44 dominations or I44 missions without DAC, works like a charm. Thanks to Wolfrug and Palyarmerc. CBA required.

For server: Place server key in keys folder

For client: Open addon @rug_dsai,in the unusedlanguages folder you will find @rug_dsaiger.pbo (with bisign), put them in the addons folder, just keep with :@rug_dsai, @rug_dsaigen, @rug_dsaieng

@rug_dsairus.pbo (with bisign) have to go in unusedlanguages !

Then place the whole @rug_dsai folder in your arma2 root with other addons

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