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#119982 Posted at 2012-03-19 12:15        
# Major_Shepard : Here you can find the material. Fill in the Model.xls file and give it back to me:

If you want a better example you can take a look on these files:

The xls is the same that Major-sheppard give but i have added the config files of the mod (AAW mod in this example) so, it will be easier to make the link between the two files.

# Sup3r6f0ur : Still a bit confused on this. I'm Sorry, Im still extremely confused on this
is the \aawWep_icn the name of a folder or what?
Take a look on the config files, it's the path of the pictures, in the xls file you must give the path and the name of the picture: \aawWep_icn\f88s_elcan_gla.paa