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#121122 Posted at 2012-04-14 18:24        
It might not be possible to completely disable blackout. I think it just reduces it. My default ACE missions setup is the 3 ACE healing modules(acewounds,fullheal,allusersmedic), all unsynced, I always include a functions module too
and in my init.sqf

ace_wounds_prevtime = 600;
ACE_NoBlackout = true;
ace_sys_wounds_noai= true;
ace_sys_tracking_markers_enabled = false;
publicVariable "ace_sys_tracking_markers_enabled";
ace_sys_wounds_withSpect = true;
publicVariable "ace_sys_wounds_withSpect";
player setVariable ["ACE_SYS_STAMINA_MULTI",0.0001];

....that's all folks....!

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