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#122227 Posted at 2012-05-09 19:37        
But still its not working for you. Does any other mods work? its only the ACE ones right?

And what is wrong with you using the launcher?

Either using any launcher or writing the command line myself, I always get the same error in loading a file.
I suppose it's the ACE, don't know for sure.

Thing is if I put the same flags in the Steam options and launch from there, everything's fine.
If I do it manually, it doesn't work.
So there *should* be a reason, but I can't find it.

Added 2 minutes later:

# [FR] Black Mamba : Anyway, you need to launch the game with CBA, CAB_A2 and CBA_OA, don't you?

Didn't know that, also no launcher ever produced such flags for me.

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