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#122258 Posted at 2012-05-10 12:14        
Hey Guys, I'm brand new to Arma 2 (just bought Combined Operations bundle) and CBA,ACE, and the rest of the mods.
I have issues after installing ArmA 2 CO, CBA, ACE. Hope You can help me.
I'll bring you a screenshot about it.
What have I done sofar :
I've installed (in order) :
- ArmA 2
- OA
I've copied (to Arma 2 main):
- @ACE
- @CBA
- @CBA_A2
After this I ran SixUpdater_GUI, selected A2 OA - A.C.E. preset (it auto-selected the Profile: A2 OA Any) and have clicked Update & Install Mods. SixUpdater also installed and/or updated the @ACEX, @ACEX_RU and @ACEX_UsNavy
After all this has been done, I've started the ArmA 2 Combined Operations with its shortcut (made by installer), enabled all the mods ingame Expansions-menu and have restarted Arma 2:CO (and Scenario-Benchmark 01 to know my graphic-settings will do fine)
After that I had the following error messages in order :

- Script BB not found (only option : Click Continue) right after started Benchmark 01
- ERROR : You seem to be an A2: OA CO user, but have loaded the @CBA_OA mod folder! Please restart the game without that mod folder. (green text, no more choices just to press OK)
And then, the benchmark starts but with this errormsg in the lower left corner :

But when I disable the 2 mods (without removing their folders from Arma 2 main folder) in Expansions menu, that it mentioned in the previous errormsg(@CBA_OA and @CBA_A2) and restart ArmA 2, another errormsg appears :
"Addon 'ace_main' requires addon 'CBA_OA_XEH'

And if do remove the @CBA_OA and @CBA_A2 folders from Arma 2 main folder, then I still have the : "Addon 'ace_main' requires addon 'CBA_OA_XEH'-errormsg at game start, the "Script BB not found"-errormsg at Benchmark01-scenario start and after Benchmark starts it still says : ACE requires CBA_MAIN to be version 1,00 or higher instead of 0,83,175 that I have.

As You saw on the screenshot it also says that CBA_A2, CBA_OA, and ACE requires CBA_MAIN (@CBA) at version 1,0,0 or higher. The problem with this I can only find the 0,83,175 version all around the internet.
Ingame ACRE also sends the errormsg : Can't fird dsound.ll dheck the jayarma2lib installation

Every advice, help is a welcome. And Thank You very Much In Advance Guys !
Greetings from Hungary!

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