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#122265 Posted at 2012-05-10 15:21        
I have removed all folders except @CBA @ACE @ACEX @ACEX_SM @ACRE and @JayArma2Lib folders.
I have also deleted the config file from My Documents and restarted ArmA 2 CO, to let it create another one with new entries. And additionally I have tried another method in SixUpdater with a new preset and I've added the desired mods manually and only after I hit Update and download.
After trying to start Arma2: CO again, I still have the errormsg : Addon 'ace_main' requires addon 'CBA_OA_XEH'
And after I hit OK (only option) on this errormsg, the game loads and starts but when I start a "single mission/scenario/village sweep" for example, when it starts, in the upper right :
"ACRE: dsound.dll not loaded in arma2! Check jayarma2lib installation" errormsg appears. I already have triplechecked the jayarma2lib installation, it has contain the dsound.dll
In the lower left it still saying that my @CBA is out of date, even if it was manually and automatically checked and updated.
I own the Arma2: CO bundle but installers for Arma2 and Operation Arrowhead are separate, I don't know if it could be any problem. Or should I start with the ArmA2 shortcut? And not with the ArmA2: Combined Operations shortcut?
Still trying but waiting for some solution,
Thank You

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