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#122266 Posted at 2012-05-10 15:31        
That should be put right, cause it doesnt need all 3, ive never done it that way and ive been
told by other too that you only need the one for your game version. (unless there has been an update
and now it requires all of them which I highly doubt).

please take note of the new, somewhat inversed, requirements:
Always load @CBA
Also load @CBA_A2 if you have A2 Original content
Also load @CBA_OA if you have Operation Arrowhead content

Please notice the "IF". And what this should be meaning is like this

Always load @CBA (correct)
Now, if you have JUST ArmA 2 then use the above @CBA and @CBA_A2
But, if you have Operation Arrowhead (combined operations) then you use @CBA and CBA_OA

That is the way ive always seen it and works fine for me. :-)

Edit: (just got all this from here)

@CBA => Copy this directory to your Arma II game directory (see manual for more details).
@CBA_OA => Copy this aswell, but only if you have a standalone Operation Arrowhead installation.
@CBA_A2 => Copy this if you have ArmA II but not Arrowhead.
@CBA/store/wiki.tar => Tar archive of the online wiki. This is a copy of the DevHeaven wiki at the time of release.
@CBA/store/function_library.tar => Tar archive of the the function/macro reference.
@CBA/store/keys/ => Server keys for addons.
@CBA/store/source/ => Source files for all addons.

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