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#122270 Posted at 2012-05-10 15:49        
@yAzevedo download this and ONLY use @CBA and @CBA_OA (at least try it anyways).
IF however that doesnt work, the link I gave you gives you @CBA @CBA_A2 and @CBA_OA
JUST use the original @CBA from that link. I have just tested them all together, I got an error!
I then tested @CBA and @CBA_OA together, I got an error. And finally I just used @CBA and it
works fine. :-)

The files and website for CBA_OA_XEH can be found here.

@[FR] Black Mamba Like I said mate, im not 100% sure im right but the way ive always done it has
always worked for me, I will ask Foxhound to drop by here once he is around :-)

Edit: Just tried it your way, with all 3 running, here is what I got:

Top right:

Bottom chat log:

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