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#122281 Posted at 2012-05-11 00:17        
Who says that the latest version of CBA is ONLY available on the six updater? your telling me that
normal gamers who does NOT want to use Six Updater have no choice or other options to get the latest
version? I got the latest files from where ive always got them, there main repository. Dev-Heaven all
the way from 2009 until now. So I dont believe its a Six Updater ONLY thing. Its not only Dev-Heaven
that hosts the latest files too, but we also do here.

Files from here: Community Base Addons (funny how my way has worked for him)
but now he is having a problem with ACRE :-P

Anyways, lets not keep going on about CBA and not forget that this is a help thread on ACE and not just
going on about the latest CBA etc .. If you want then make a thread about it, but for now lets keep on topic :-)

@yAzevedo how have you installed the ACRE? did you put the right files in your TeamSpeak folder
etc? its not just done with putting in the addon like other addons you know.

Client Installation:

Automatic Installation:

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