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#122303 Posted at 2012-05-11 08:44        
Dear DarkXess,
It seems like You dont really like the SixUpdater method :-) Sorry that I'm using that kind, but before first installion, I red that kind of method will be the easiest way, and I didnt wanted to mess things up, so I started with that.
I have tried both ways to install @ACRE. First, I let SixUpdater to install it for me as it wants. Second, I've copied the manually downloaded @ACRE - files (and @jay was there also, in the @ACRE download package) and after that I've started the Six and let it Update/Install. (Probably this was the issue, that I always let Six to Update/Download mods, even if I added them manually - but dowloaded versions were low-version numbers...for example the @CBA, You know the 1,00 vs. 0,83,175 .
One more thing before I try to reverse this last method :
Even if I downloaded @ACRE from many many places (to find the good one), none of the downloaded packages contain an exe file. All contains folders and subfolders, dlls, txts, addons, keys, userconfig, plugins. But no ACREInstaller.exe file.
TS3 is doing fine btw. It recognizes ACRE (and shown under my user details in TS3). It also enabled in TS3/Plugins and TS3/Plugin-folder contains the dll required. TS2 also shows version number and connection status.
But the ACE still giving me an errormsg ingame in the upper right corner about a missing dsound.dll :'(
Yeah, @ACRE radio-menus dont come up ingame for example is I press ctrl+shift+x or c or s or anything else, it goes crouch instead :-\
I really have some bigger problem that its so tiny in front of my eyes that i dont realize.
Either was, I try the manual method from Your links...

Added 19 minutes later:

But it seems like everything is installed and enabled fine, according to my main screen :


but there are no options to reach any @ACRE options, and the missing dll for @ACE :)


I started the SixUpdater again and unchecked the Beta - option. So together with the beta-@JayArma2Lib_new it updated/downloaded the @JayArmaLib too.
After, I've created a new shortcut and added the following line: -nosplash -mod=c:\Program Files (x86)\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2;Expansion;@CBA;@CBA_OA;@ACEX;@ACE;@ACEX_SM;@;@CBA_A2;@JayArmA2Lib;@ACRE;@JayArmaLib_new

Now no ingame upper right corner "missing dsound.dll" issue !!!! XD
but @ACRE radios or menu or options still dont come up ingame for any keypress :-!

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