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#123128 Posted at 2012-05-27 21:50        
*repost: Sight adjustment issue: point of impact remains the same regardless of scope settings*

Hello, I'm new to this forum, did a brief forum search as well as google search but it seems like I'm somewhat alone.

The problem seems to be that no matter how I adjust the sights, for example the tac50, from -15 moa to 51 moa, the point of impact remains the same at a fixed range, I've done it through shift-v as well as the arrow keys (and made sure I click confirm) I've tried this on a few other rifles with adjustable sights, but the issue persists, both the wind/range settings are set to YES on the ace option menu, and I could have sworn it has been working perfectly fine until today, anybody has similar issues / solution for this?


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