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#123838 Posted at 2012-06-06 14:38        
# harryhgb : hi im new and i ahve this error it userconfig/ace/ace_clinetside_config.http not found

In the ACE download there should be a Userconfig folder as part of it. This folder needs to go into the root of your Arma2 OA install directory (there probably already is a userconfig folder, just paste it overtop). In the \ace\ace_clientside.hpp file are a bunch of ACE related settings

If you are using Six-Updater then it does this automagically

Added 18 minutes later:

# Barbossa99 : Hello ACE 2 users;

I am new to ACE and I have noticed that when you change the settings [Keep brass, key bindings etc.] they do not save automatically, however, a message says that I can save it using the 'clippy' tool, I have found the clippy tool, but I have no idea how to use it... I can just set them up manually each time I start the game, but doing so would be a bit of a pain... *WALL*

Im not to sure if its difficult to do, or whether I'm missing something obvious...

Please help


You need to launch the ACE Clippy Tool before starting Arma - it will show up in your systray (where clock is bottom-right of screen)

Once that is running you can make changes to your settings and they will be saved. Make sure in the Clippy tool you add your Arma profile name (it will give you a warning msg if you haven't already).

I use Six-Updater so it launches automatically..not sure if it does otherwise.

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