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#124091 Posted at 2012-06-10 14:23        
DayZ - 7 steps to fix "connection failed" & other issues:

After myself and a couple of mates had issues playing I have summed up the steps we took to get the game running.

If your a steam user and your getting connection failed error then you probably just need to do #4 or #5.

1: Make sure you've extracted all the right files into '[..gamedirectory]\@dayz\addons' and added "-mod=@dayz -nosplash" to the launch options (without the " ")

2: Make sure your firewall isn't blocking DayZ (test by just disabling all firewalls).

3: Port forward the appropriate ports (2302-2307 UDP I think)

4: Open cmd and type in 'netsh winsock reset' (no commas), then restart your PC.

5: Exit Steam, right click and select run as administrator. Then verify the Arma 2: OA game cache. (If one file gets replaced then this was your issue and the game is fixed)

6: Run Arma 2: OA and select reinstall BattleEye anti-cheat.

7: If you have just purchased Arma 2 / Arma 2: OA you must run Arma 2 before you start Combined Operations

Installation Guide (Steam, Retail, Mixed, Beta, Common Errors):

Unofficial Wiki:

*Credits for these guides are from the guys over at DayZ forums.

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