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Fort Benning Infantry Training School Missions and Templates


This is a compilation of several WIP missions meant to be played and customized to your liking. None Contain briefings and though there are Objectives they will not be defined.
I left these missions in Stock Arma2 editor folders.

1. Basic Rifle Marksmanship - Qualification (BRM)= Hit 40 popup targets /Scored and random targets M16A2 with 2 20 rounnd clips

2. LIVE FIRE exercise 1 = Crawl through obstacles and Barb wire while Live tracers are just inches above your head and explosives are going off!

3. Mortar Familiarization training = both 60mm & 81mm Tank targets are set up in the woods one is marked on map for practice and the other two are for qualification.

4. NBC Training = Nuclear Chemical Biological Warfare simulation training. (Uses BTK gasmask Script) Not meant for large groups more fun this one has 3 playables but only one can enter the chamber.

5. Basic Fort Benning Ga. Template with ranges = For adding what you want without other triggers firing also has some ambient Joggers Trucks and Hummvs as well as a circling balckhawk to add some life to it.( No active scripts and triggers.)

6. BRM Qualify Practice = Here your trainees can hone their skill before Qualifying on the M16A2

7. M203 Training = Target Practice and Qualification out to 400meters. ( 3 trainees and 1 instructor)

8. M240 Range (4 Trainees 1 Instructor)

9. M249 Range (4 Trainees 1 Instructor)

10. Moving Targets Range ( I believe 4 Trainees and 1 instructor) Moving Targets two is Placeholder disregard. It can be used to set up your own range after looking at how I did moving Range 1.

11. Night Infiltration Course = In depth live fire Exercise/Crawl through Obstacles with Mortars going off and live tracers flying inches overhead freezing when flares are fired while carrying a heavy ruck /Flank 3 Enemy machine Gun nests to Complete.
(1 Trainee 6 Instructors in Watch Towers each has a Search light to use should the Trainee need to be stopped or to gain the attention of the trainee. Example Warning for not Freezing during Flare Launches)

12. Room Clearing CQB course = Takes place at MOUT Mckenna not made exact but close within limitations.
Allows for officers to over watch the trainee/s as he/she/they clear each room with random targets and hostage targets. (1 Trainee 3 Instructors )

13. Grenade Training and Familiarization = Designed from actual Army Grenade Instructions,the trainee will learn that there is a science to throwing a Grenade,and will be given the ability to hone the skill. ( 1 Trainee 1 Instructor)

14. Moving Target Range 2 = Empty Range for complete Customization.

You just drop these into your Arma2 other Profiles Missions folder and load them in the editor.

Templates and Edit:
You can delete add or edit any and all missions Ive Included with my Fort Benning Infantry training Mission pack.Just load them in the editor and save them as single player or multiplayer missions.
Though I made some for just fun alot of time was taken to get some of this stuff right,I really hope that the community enjoys these. Please feel free to give feedback positive or negative. Thanks

A common problem Ive seen is when most make a clan they are not mission makers usually and don't have any training material. Thats why I made this.

They are setup to be played in most cases with an instructor for a clan and 1-4 new recruits for the clan.
I designed this pack to be used with clans who want to introduce real training aspects of the Military with people new to their clan,Arma2 and or ACE2

These missions use Ace for the weapons and can be helpful in teaching someone how Ace is used to play arma2 in a more realistic game setting.
I started out just making these for fun As you will see with the Live Fire mission 1 but thought about it and decided that I should just do Infantry school in general to help
out arma2 players with teaching Clan members Tactics and basic usage of various weapons of Ace mod.

Basically this is like a Training School Template for whatever your needs maybe, these are not meant to be in anyway shape or form a copycat of anything fort benning actually has except for the Mout Course
its designed to look similar to Mckenna but not exactly like Mckenna. I also am not trying to step on anyone's toes who already may have built a pack like this or will be releasing a pack like this.

This is the way I wanted to do things. I used a few scripts here and there and none of which were written by me though I have made some tweaks to meet the needs of the given mission.
I encourage you download any other school or missions created by others as well even if
they are alike.As they say there's more then one way to do things. This is the way I wanted to. You can change whatever you want in these.

If you use something in these don't forget to give credit where credit is due not just to me but for anything you use. It only takes seconds to make mention of people.
Just don't try to take credit for my work. Example Re upload the mission/s slightly tweaked and never mention my name in the credits or claim them as your own or claim your the Original Author.
I took some time to do these as it is for the Community and I didn't want to just hand out Garbage.
I used Actual US Army Basic Instructions for the proper handling and useage of a fragmentation grenade. As well did alot of research in the process of making these.

Any other requests are welcome though I cant make any promises.

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