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#124649 Posted at 2012-06-20 20:37        
This assignasdriver plane; this moveindriver plane
That's not a script but simply two commands in one line.

The pilot will get in, but just sit there.
Yeah, well that's what above commands do.

On editor he is just a man, but when i start it the script assigns him into the plane, so he basically starts in the plane.
And how on earth the unit shall know what to do if you place him just into the plane without any information where to go after?

I want him to get in the plane, taxi on the runway, take off and go to the way-point.
Waypoint 1: Directly on the plane, type: Get In

Waypoint 2: Wherever you want him to fly after.

No commands, no scripting required at all. If the terrain is correctly designed he finds the taxiway on his own and then taking off from the runway.