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#124913 Posted at 2012-06-25 17:26        
Hi @ all,

First i wanna say, that i bought Arma 2 CO becauce of the Day Z mod... i watched some Let´s plays and i fell in love with it :)

i managed 2 install it fine but everytime i play singleplayer-tutorial, campain, join a server or sometimes even do sometin in the options, the game randomly crashes 2 dekstop with the error "ARma 2 stopped working"... sometimes i can play a couple of minutes sometimes only a few seconds... strangly when there are not so many people on a server (5-10) i can play as long as i want -.-

I searched the entire web and about 100 threads saying " ARMA2 chrash 2 desktop" but i dont find the right awnser... they all say u should upload ur ".RPT" file so others can check it... i thought i can fix it with the subroutines by reinstalling the game, defrag C:, update all drivers....NOTHIN worked... so i finally ended here because it says that ur the best ;)... so these are my specs....

AMD X2 6.400 64bit
4gb ram
Geforce 260gtx
win7 64 bit
on board sound

i installed in on the win harddrive either in program files and programs files(x86) and on seperate harddrives... evertime same thing... crash 2 desktop all the way -.-...

So here are 3 RPT files... all made in about 5 min :D 3 crashes after 3 trys -.- please tell me what 2 do :) and forgive my bad english cause i am german :)

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