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Hello There. I've been askign this question in the Editing Questions Forum, but was told to give it another try in this topic. Here we go:

Good Day.

I'm not sure wheter to ask this in the ACE Section or in the editing questions, so i'm, trying my luck over here. The thing is, i want to create a Mission with combined Ground Force (Mechanized Infantry, US Army Soldiers and Striker)aswell as a Special Force Recon team which has some sidemissions to resolve while assisting the Main force in taking a city. So, as you know ACE Features a Stamina system, and if your gear loadout goes high above 30-40 you will have a hard time running longer than a couple of seconds.
I'd now like to disable the stamina system, but *only*! for the Spec Ops, since in my opinion, trained SFOD-D Operators should be able to carry their combat gear with 45-50 Kilos without Problems due to their special training, while i wish to keep the Stamina system activated or the normal infantry group to force them to use the Strikers to transport gear, and to make sure they dont come up with Javelins and LMG's all the way through to push through enemy tanks.

So, the ACE Disable Stamina System - Module (editor-placeable) turns off the system for anyone. Syncing the module only to certain units doesn't affect anything. Maybe anyone knows a script-able solution?

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