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# Foxsch : Hey Hay _ Thread moved from elsewhere - "Hi, For a while now, I am assuming it was one of the Six-Updater updates which initiated the bug, I have been unable to scroll to (for instance - 'nades). I can access a menu for charges, but the action key does not place them. To clarify; 'nades do not appear in my 'F' selector, and satchel charges, while appearing on my mouse-scroll selector, will not initiate when selecting any action key - left mouse or enter. I'm not sure where to look to fix the problem, and would really appreciate any pointers." DarkXess and Viper have pointed out the keys and commands that should create these functions but alas they do not, dead keys for both .. any pointers?

Well maybe the third copy and paste will help you understand. You need to use self interaction and interaction keys to place satchel charges etc. And iirc ctrl + f to switch to grenades. F is only used as a fire selector in ACE2.

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