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#125468 Posted at 2012-07-06 21:58        
I have downloaded a zombie mission from another user in hopes that I may host it myself, but upon the first few minutes of playing the players became enraged at the fact that they could not move when they respawned. Even after quitting and rejoining the game the players were still frozen. This was true for the original host's server as well.

Another minor problem is that if all players are dead the mission ends.

Upon investigation I discovered that the mission uses script from a different mission,Chernarus Apocalypse pt. 2
( to allow zombies. The original script for the mission was previously used for a single life game type where players are not allowed to respawn but instead put into a camera mode to watch the remaining survivors (similar to MW3 search & destroy).

I have had the description looked at by another player, but the problem has yet to be found. I believe it could be in the map itself, or possibly the other script files. I have been looking at this for 3 days now and would appreciate some fresh eyes on the matter. Here are all the files you need: :-D

From the missions folder for editing:

The multiplayer mission file to see the problem: