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#125549 Posted at 2012-07-08 09:22        
Version : 1.7

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  • Blance ACM range setting ,waypoint hotfix and few small script improve
  • Change task type,add "capture and retake" script,improve radio msg
  • Change task triger,add crrc ch-53 extraction script
  • requirement change
  • change start possition and weapon selection
  • change color effect

  • Credits & thanks:
    ACE Team;
    ACRE Team;
    Team Shadow Team(Thanks for Teamshadow campaign !);
    Art Studio (Thanks for Satellite view (SATCOM) !);
    JDog (Thanks for CRRC Chinook Extraction script !);
    Smiley Nick (Thanks for RAF Chinook CH2 !);
    Bon_Inf* (Thanks for Advanced Artillery Request System !);
    -Martin- (Thanks for the Taviana Island !);
    Igneous01 (Thanks for the Random Unit Invasion Script !);
    OOPz&P:UKF (Thanks for the L115A3 !);
    Vienna (Thanks for the Sattelite View Script!);
    RKSL Studios (Thanks for the RAF Eurofighter Typhoon !);
    ardvarkdb (Thanks for the SAS Pack!)
    Engima of Östgöta Ops Thanks for the Dynamic Weather Effects Script !);
    Hogthar and Mlacix (Thanks for the Design mastery M4 variants !);
    2fast(Thanks for the Support script XD);
    Rocket (Thanks for the USEC CH-53 !);
    fan (Thanks for the Call-In-Support Script Although It's Base On Simplified Chinese·····);
    Gonza (Thanks for the Aircraft carrier Script !);
    God of Monkeys,Andy, And WARDOG Clan from ROC(Thanks for provide server and help me to test and fix this mission);
    BIS(Thanks for ARMA2 !);
    Big,Foxhound and ArmaHolic(Thanks for help me aLot to edit this mission and post to Armaholic's news !);
    Everyone who download this mission (Thanks for Playing!);

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