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#125778 Posted at 2012-07-12 17:39        
# VIPER[CWW] : Well maybe the third copy and paste will help you understand. You need to use self interaction and interaction keys to place satchel charges etc. And iirc ctrl + f to switch to grenades. F is only used as a fire selector in ACE2.

I'm new to ARMA 2 and its mods and have this SAME problem as everyone regarding ACE mod's 2 "interaction" menus. ACE mod is installed correctly, updated through Six launcher and the mod works except for the above functions.

First, Viper is correct you need to use those keys. But the documentation is total crap and there are a lot of assumptions going on here that makes it frustrating for newbs. Assumption that newbs have non working KB or that they forgot to bind the keys, or forgot to edit or update the usercontrol files.

The problem : The keybinding feature of ACE mod does let you bind almost any keys to those 2 functions, but a lot of keys actually DO NOT WORK in game when the game has already bound those same keys, even if you rarely use it for the game itself!!! Cannot share keys with the mod and game! The game will override and ACE will be ignored.


Just rebind those keys to other non used keys on your KB or make sure to UNBIND it from the game controls itself. I used [ and ], for instance, and made sure it was unbound in the regular ARMA 2 controls. Now it works. Give it try and I hope someone updates ACE's documentation or FAQ. Make sure the ACE mod does not use the SAME key for its function or add a modifier such as SHIFT-[ or CTRL-[ if you want to use the same keys for two functions. Great mod, crap documentation or testing. :D Good luck everyone.

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