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#126925 Posted at 2012-08-03 12:50        
I linked my 3d editor map to my 2d editor map.
(Used this tutorial: )
Everything works perfectly in the editor, but as soon as i export it i can't launch it.
In multiplayer there is not a single unit alive, probably because the 3d editor does not have a playable unit (the playable units are in the 2d editor).
But if i add the playable units in the 3d editor i can't edit those units very easily, and i can't launch it in the 2d editor because there is no playable unit ingame.
When i add one unit in the 2d editor it works fine but when exported to multiplayer the objective i added in the briefing is at the bottom left corner of the map, and i can't read my briefing.
Any advice?

In the working version where i added players in the 3d editor and 1 unit in the 2d editor i use this code in my init.sqf and it works fine in the editor
if (isserver) then {execVM"mission.sqf";};

execVM "briefing.sqf";
if(true) exitWith ();

How do i get my briefing to work in multiplayer aswel.
At this point i can only get the objectives into multiplayer by holding shift while launching everything otherwise nothing shows, but the problem is that the objectives are at the bottom left of the map and my briefing doesn't show.

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