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#127330 Posted at 2012-08-10 02:42        
Hello! I'm making a MP night paradrop mission wich I want that looks like this:

I'll give you what I got so far:
Since it's a night paradrop, I'm trying to put a lightin system: the plane will start with an red light on cargo. Near the dropzone, the side doors will open and at the dropzone, the light turns green and the players jumps off, one by one. I already got the red light working. I took a building lighting script from somewhere and modified to attach to my c130 instead of the house.
I got the soldiers attached to the plane as well. I have one a the side door and a collum of about 6 behind him. Even open, the side doors are solid and the player can't walk through it. So I'm trying to at least simulate that. I attached a wood palet outside the plane, near the door, and make it invisible. Then, when the c130 pass through the trigger waypoint, the player is detached of the plane, attached to the palet and then detached again. As the one player jumps off, the other take the door position, and so on. Until now, only 2 players jumps (as i'm just testing).
Now, the questions:

1- When I trigger the green light script it goes on, but I don't know how to stop the red light script.. so I have kind of an orange light. How do I fix it?

2- Is there anyway that I can time the jumps? Example: Every 1 second, a player jumps and other take the door position.

3- Is there any "walk" or "step foward" animation? I want to make units play it when they are changing positions.

4- How can I make the player peform a action before he gets teletransported to the outside (before he jumps)?

5- How can I make a script for all of this to make my life easier?

I'm doing all in waypoints, only the lights that I did in scripts.. I really newbie at real scripting and don't know much about it.

That's it for now.
Sorry for my bad english..
Thank you.

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