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#128558 Posted at 2012-08-30 00:50        
# palyarmerc : SLX and ACE2 aren't really compatible. You'll have to choose. Full conversion mods are difficult to combine, that said, I do use quite a few SLX pbo's in my set-up with ACE2 (slx_anim_death,slx_impacts,slx_ai,slx_identify,slx_noautoengage,slx_findcover), but I'd recommend not getting to worked up about making them both work together.
Provided you have set-up your userconfig correctly, and bound the key in your settings in-game, then it's likely SLX is cancelling out some ACE features once loaded.

Thanks i got it to work with custom folder,but now i got a funny error no entry bin soldier GG scope,does anyone know where i can sort this out,and also how do you use body bags and strecher,i get no options with them

download avater pic n increase resolution, the walking dead live in my town

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