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#128626 Posted at 2012-08-31 22:16        
Just asking again, this was absolutely asked again I'm sure of it; but I do not have the time to go shifting through hundreds of posts to find it so I'll ask again. Does anyone else have a huge problem with Pilot black outs? Cause these black outs are getting on my freaking nerves and kills all fun in dog fighting. I don't know if this is just because I fly with Meatball's F/A-18/E/F Super hornet addon (Which when you start out as flying, your going 700), or is it just because this feature is too aggressive. I turn my jet and bank left or right a couple of degrees and out.

Every time i look for a solution, they always give me two answers; "Make sure your not flying as a grunt" (Which is obvious, i start out in a jet every time), or "If you don't like the black out feature, don't play it" - to me that's just not fair. To add a feature that effects my game play and then the only solution you tell me is to not play the mod is a problem. I love the mod, its just that one, and only problem.

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