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#128633 Posted at 2012-09-01 09:29        
# Killer227 : huge problem with Pilot black outs?

I took a look inside the ace_sys_g_effects.pbo and it seemed to suggest that g-force effects only apply to non-pilots (pilots & crew are unaffected)
I opened a mission and flew as a BAF_Soldier, then as a BAF_Pilot.
Sure enough, the g-force-effects were diminished, almost non-existant as a pilot.
Does this help?
If not, it may be that you have to have an 'empty' plane and a seperate 'pilot' character, not start as a 'player-as-pilot' -- that might be the solution

Added 8 minutes later:

# loneranger7 : error no entry bin soldier GG scope
That's inside a .pbo, where the game has the weapon, but the .pbo has an incomplete entry for it (esp. where the editor looks for it as a placeable item). It's just got missed somehow when the maker compiled the addon - nothing you can do without de-pbo and changing stuff - just ignore it until the mod/addon gets updated (if it ever does).

As for the stretchers and bodybags, they are probably only map editor placeable items - though I believe there is a script around somewhere that allows for stretcher bearers. It may even be a feature in one of the mods out there. (Just search if it's really important to you)

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