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#128815 Posted at 2012-09-05 16:08        
# HunterKiller : Hey guys,

I've been having a problem where i am not able to save my changes to the ACE2 clientside_config file. A notification comes up saying 'access denied'. i am also not able to save my setting changes with in the ace settings menu in the game. Can anyone help me?


You need full read-write access to that file so check the userconfig\ace folder make sure you can write to that folder as well as the config file itself.

# lawndartleo : Script errors for me... nobody else....

I get lots of script error boxes (ascii in black box) during a round, usually associated with something to do with the ACE wounding system. But, it's just me. We all use the same SIX preset - ACE/CBA/ACRE/BETA. I have updated my ACE/CBA file repeatedly. Ideas on what the problem is or how to resolve (aside from turning off scrit error notification)?

Hard to say especially if you're the only one getting it... can you post any of the errors up here? Also your Arma RPT file might help if you can provide that as well.

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