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#128843 Posted at 2012-09-05 23:06        
A2OA (BAF, PMC and ACR are in there, too so that makes it CO), Beta (from SIX which is apparently really behind) or release.

Here's the rpt file. I deleted all contents, fired up the game and ran a few missions to fill it up a bit.

Wondering what "WARNING: Enhanced Armor difficulty options enabled - this is not recommended in conjunction with ACE Wounds!" might have to do with it. not even sure what to do about it as I never turned it on, nor do I know where to do so.

Added 38 minutes later:

Little more to add...

Simple editor mission

2 man enemy and 2 man friendly groups.
All ACE wounding modules except for epi/morphine

error pops up sooner or later.

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