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Ok I have searched all over the forums so please excuse my question. I have been able to find a ton of information but nothing to answer this situation. Here is the idea. This is based on what is currently going on over seas. As many of you may know there have been a lot of attacks called "Green on blue" Meaning that the ANP's have been changing and attacking the us soldiers. Not only that but vbied as well at checkpoints and on convoy MSR's

The idea is first NOT to poke fun or insult any soldiers BUT instead to try and convey in a game/sim/movie just what we are facing overseas. To show that you can NOT become complacent and consider things as routine.

I'm trying to make a unit VBIED, an old junker car or cycle spawn and dry around the MSR and even approach the front gate of a checkpoint. I have set the car prob to 50% and written a trigger for it to explode on approx 0-10 sec delay when blufor comes close to it. The problem is that the way this is written it will be too easy to just "know" the car is the bomber. I actually need the trigger to be at the 50% prob. That way just because you see the car doesn't mean it will explode. It could ride around and be fine the whole mission or it could detonate next to your convoy or you main gate. I have tried several ways but can only set the prob of the unit and not the trigger. I'm sure im missing something easy.

The second scenario is one that is becoming WAY to common and we train each day to counter. There is really no way to put the fear into the game that the soldier faces on a daily basis. That is having a ANP with a loaded rifle turn on your team members. The idea again is to use a trigger and find a way to set the prob of the trigger at 50%. That way the units will always be present in the mission but there is no way of knowing if they will turn after a set time or condition. Forcing you to act quick and take them out before your team goes down.

Please let me know what i need or a missing to make this work as intended. Again I am NOT trying to poke fun at anything that occurs overseas. I respect and honor ALL the US soldiers. Soon I will be taking the place of and MP unit over there.

Hoping to use this as a battle simulator for my squad. Show them in real time and go ever drills of what we would do in that situation.

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