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#129362 Posted at 2012-09-13 04:01        
Ok quick update.... and a few more things I found.
I tried to update my trigger as mentioned above
I placed the code
this && ceil random 2 > 1
in the box of the trigger that states "this" normally. I'm assuming thats correct. I had also tried to place it on in the "on activation" box but it wouls not allow it. Told me it was expecting something else. I tried the mission several times and not once did it explode. I never got the "hint" that i typed in either to show the trigger trip. I'm not sure what im doing wrong. I thought maybe it was spelled wrong but when i checked the editor manual for arma i saw that random items can be called using just that "ceil" so i know that not the problem.
Durring the mission testing i also noticed that my IED object was correctly working. Sometimes it would be there other times it would not, however the trigger would continue to explode no matter what. If the trigger is using the setpos command to find the object "IED" but "IED" is not in the mission then how does the trigger fire? I'm assuming that i have messed something up on this.
The last thing is not related to triggers but it is related to this mission. How do you find the exact possition of an object ie a guard tower and place an enemy or friendly unit in the tower. I know it is something to do with the setpos command but i dont know how to find the X,Y,Z cord. of the object. If you could clue me in on this it would be great too. Thanks again forall your help.