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#129466 Posted at 2012-09-14 12:35        
The sound bit should be quite easy. If the sound is played from an object near the destroyed plane.
What you could do is set a trigger
Condition:position myplanename select 2 < 5
OnActivation:myplanename say mysound

This will make the plane say the soundfile if it flies below 5 (feet? metres?, I forget which, but 5 off the ground anyway )

If you need the sound closer, and you know where your units will be, just place any object (even a skeetdisk will do) a distance from your players that works best.Then it's just skeetdiskname say mysound

Having said all of that, it might not broadcast Multiplayer and throw up another problem for ya

The camshake shouldn't be problem though
addCamShake [power, duration, frequency]
addCamShake [10, 1, 25]

....that's all folks....!