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#129619 Posted at 2012-09-15 17:09        
Hey Titi ~ If you get a minute - I'm having real problems with using the GIT script outside of Domination. I have a test mission set up with just very basic content; one OPFOR Tiger and a BLUFOR Player. init.sqf is empty aside from: execVM "scripts\GIT\InitGit.sqf"; and I have an empty marker named 'center' in the center of the map. I was curious to realise whether this should be 'xr_center' (re line22 of InitGit.sqf: '_trigger = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector",(getMarkerPos "xr_center")];') so added one of those too, but neither worked. Totally at a loss to know what is going wrong. Can you help out with this? Cheers ~ Foxsch

Added 2 hours 23 minutes later:

RESOLVED! changed line21 InitGit.sqf from: _side = if (d_own_side == "WEST") then {"EAST"} else {"WEST"};
to: _side = "EAST";
many thx again for a brilliant script - Cheers -

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