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I stumbled upon this in one of our online news - interview with their lawyer. I'll translate it for you (ps: if you find any grammar error, let me know via pm, it has been a while since I took an english class :) )

Are your clients tourists or was their visint on the island purely work related? According to the media, they told the investigators that they were collecting material for ArmA 3 computer game on Lemnos. Then their employer Bohemia Interactive posted a press release that the two men weren't send there on business.
I have the file in front of me and believe me, both arrested testified from the beginning that they are in Greece on vacation. They stated, that they knew Lemnos due to their work, and because of that they chose it as their holyday destination. They never said to the investigators that they are there on business. Everybody tries to connect their visit on the island with the ArmA game. That however isn't true. They didn't come there to take photos of the environment for the game. They use modern technology for that, which has better quality. For the game were used snapshots from Google Earth, satelites and other publicly accessible resources.
So why did they take photos of the objects that are prohibited to be shot?
My clients were just viewing the island, on their camera there is approximately 150 common tourist photos. Than there is one video, from which the investigators took 14 snapshots. There can be seen military air field. But that video was shot from the car while driving.
Did they know they are shooting restricted object?
There can be seen one sign on the video, informing that this object can't be photographed. The thing is, that as they were driving, they didn't notice the first sign. At the moment they saw the second sign, they stopped filming.
Despite of this they were charged of espionage?
Yes, according to the investigators, they were in possession of the material, that can endanger the national security of Greece. As I already said, the material in question is only that one short video. Also they filmed object, that is very easily visible and accessible to the public. Air field and the military buildings are near to the public communications. Anybody passing by can see what's going on inside the base. Charge of espionage means, that someone has to try to collect and get away secret information out of the country. My clients weren't hiding anywhere, nor they tried to infiltrate restricted areas. Their photos also doesn't contain any secret information. It is clear, that their intention wasn't spying, it was just a mistake. So they shouldn't be charged of espionage, but only of taking photos of military objects without permision, which is much less serious charge.
Does the Greek prosecution have enough evidence to bring the arrested to the trial?
By the Greek law, it is not neccessary to collect evidence during the investigation, for the prosecution only hint of a crime that the subject might commit is enough. Only at the trial there has to be evidence presented. For the court could be interesting only that 14 shots captured from the video.
Why is the case being judged so seriously? Are the Greeks so sensitive about their military objects?
Lemnos is a strategic island, Turkey is close from there, so there are a lot of soldiers guarding the objects. Another thing is that there was already a dispute about the ArmA game last year, which raised many critic reactions. Politicians from Lesbos interpelled in the parlament on this topic. Minister of the defence at the moment claimed, that they had surveyed the whole ArmA 3 project and hadn't found anything, that would harm the interests of Greece. He also added, that with the current technology, it is impossible to stop images of the Greek territory being captured. Nevertheless the affair caused that the security service is even more touchy.
Are you in contact with the both arrested? How are they psychologically feeling?
They are in prison, nobody would feel good in their situation, but they try to be strong and have faith in the justice, they belive, that Greece is a lawful state.
What are your next steps as their attorney?
We want to appeal for their release, so they can be investigated while keep their freedom. It may take several days before it is determined. It can go both way. Either prosecutor will say they will stay in prison till the court takes place, or he may set a bail.
How long can it take to close the case?
It can take one week or one year. By Greek law, the trial has to be set at the latest in 18 months, until then they might stay in prison.

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